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Why is Eros Work Important? 

At Eros Work, we believe that a joyful, connected, relaxed, playful, uninhibited relationship with sex is everyone’s birthright. As human beings, sexuality is fundamental to who we are. Each of us is different, but all of us share many of the same fundamental struggles and desires.


We believe that all humans need affection, touch, belonging, and connection. We need these things almost as much as we need food, water, and sunlight. And sometimes these are the most difficult needs to meet.


There are many good reasons to keep ourselves protected and separate from other people. AND…. There are many more good reasons to overcome those obstacles.


Love, relationships, intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality are some of the most important and daunting facets of the human experience. Many of us are still trying to discover who we are as sexual beings and struggling to have what we want out of love and sex.


We live in a world that is deeply conflicted and misinformed about human sexuality. Current cultural expectations are nowhere close to matching the internal reality of most people.


This disconnect between cultural expectations and personal feelings has left many people living with a deep sense of shame and rejection.  We are expected to hide behind a mask of self-confidence, selfless subservience, or fiercely protected independence.


At Eros Work, we believe it is time to bring sexuality out of the shadows.  Our Sexuality Integration Program offers an opportunity to uncover our sexual shadows and transform them into our personal magnificence.  


Each participant will be honored and appreciated for exactly who they are. All facets of sexuality are honored and welcome.

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