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What is Eros Work?

Eros Work is a new addition to the Shadow Work® personal growth community that has been offering life changing personal growth opportunities across the globe for over twenty years.  Eros Work adapts the tools, wisdom and experience of the Shadow Work® model to the delicate task of working with men and women together around their sexuality.


Eros Work was created by six Shadow Work® facilitators who wanted to explore their own inner erotic life and discover how to apply the Shadow Work® model to human sexuality. We started meeting regularly online. Although online meetings can be less intimate than face to face conversations, in this case they added protection of distance actually made things feel less intimidating.  Our initial nervousness quickly turned to trust, respect, and deep loving connections. We gave ourselves permission to share the parts of ourselves that people usually don’t talk about. The simple act of gathering regularly online to talk about sex created a powerful ripple effect in our lives and the lives of those we love. We brought our sexuality out of shadow and it began to flourish.


The six of us have enjoyed that journey so much that we are now wanting to expand our circle and share it with others through the Eros Work Sexuality Integration Program and Eros Work Weekend Workshops.

The Eros Work Approach

We believe that this kind of deep, personal, culture-changing work is difficult if not impossible to do alone. The Eros Work Sexuality Integration Program is a collaborative effort, co-created by the facilitators and participants.


As facilitators we will provide:

  • Tribe gathering -- we’ll find the people who are ready to be part of this so you won’t have to.

  • Structure -- we’ll set up these conversations in ways that increase safety, and foster honesty and intimacy.

  • World-Class Facilitation -- we bring decades of experience leading groups of people through powerfully transformative personal growth work.

  • Education and Insight -- we will share the benefits of our research, experience, education, and observations of human sexulaity.

  • The Shadow Work® model -- Shadow Work, at its heart, is a new way of learning to love ourselves and each other. It can help you embrace all of who you are and therefore be much more confident in yourself and comfortable with others.

  • Sex-positivity -- We believe that human sexuality is a gift to be respected, honored, and celebrated. Even though it is often expressed in distorted, exploitative, or unhealthy ways, we believe in the inherent value of all aspects of human sexuality.


What you provide:

  • Your curiosity.

  • Your courage and compassion.

  • Your hopes, dreams, desires, fantasies.

  • Your knowledge, wisdom, and insight.

  • Your fears, doubts, hesitations

  • Your anger, sadness, and frustration

  • Your desire to create something new, something better.  

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