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Benefits of the Eros Work Programs

Join a frank, honest, and positive conversation about sexuality

Get a chance to really talk about sex in a structured environment with clear boundaries and agreements, guided by experienced facilitators, where ALL consensual aspects of your sexuality can be seen and heard. It is the conversation about sexuality that our culture is only beginning to realize is possible.


Gain a new acceptance of the current state of your sexuality

Join a refreshingly accepting and nourishing space to be exactly who you are. To explore and affirm your sexuality exactly as it as is, rather than how you’ve been told it should be - either by yourself or others.  


Experience a new perspective on your erotic self

Re-interpret your sexual challenges, fears, and fantasies as pathways to your inner source of wholeness.  As humans, the very thing that we wish wasn’t true about our sexuality often contains the blueprint for our unique gifts - it simply requires the right conditions to be unlocked.


Uncover your personal blocks to intimacy

Discover what is holding you back from your ideal relationship with yourself and others.


Open to new aspects of your sexuality

Sexuality on autopilot doesn’t take us far from home. It is only those of us who are willing to consciously explore the inner terrain of the mind, body, and heart that receive a true understanding of the multi-faceted nature of this primal energy we all possess.


Examine peak sexual experiences

Identify the experiences -- real or imagined -- that you find most compelling and fulfilling and use those desires as a compass leading to the deeper parts of your psyche where your sexual shadows hide your magnificence.


Decode sexual fantasies

Learn to see your sexual fantasies (even dark ones) as a hidden blueprint to satisfying your soul’s deepest yearning.  You’ll learn how to decode the messages hidden within our deepest desires and use that information to create more fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.


Examine the 4 cornerstones of eroticism

Based on the work of Jack Morin -  the 4 cornerstones give us tremendous insight on our attractions and can be leveraged to create lasting chemistry. The 4 cornerstones are:

  • Longing and Anticipation

  • Violating Prohibitions

  • Power and Surrender

  • Idealization and Betrayal


Explore the sexual archetypes and their role in healing

Through group exercises and home study, you’ll begin to uncover the archetypal patterns that may be operating underneath your consciousness and keeping you from your relationships goals.


Lift the veil of cultural shame around sexuality

Few settings encourage a truly honest discussion of your own unique sexual personality.  Research findings from a wide variety of sexual experts (see the course reading list) will be woven into the materials to demonstrate the underlying utility and innocence within our sexual drives.


Co-create an honest and respectful dialogue about gender disparity

Take a rare opportunity to speak and be heard, to listen and understand, about what is like to be a man, woman, or non-binary person in this world.   


Illuminate the shadow side of masculinity and femininity

Through symbolically embodying an aspect of your shadow self in a safe container with strong guidance, our masculine and feminine energies can be freed to integrate peacefully – reducing the likelihood of an unconscious and potentially destructive expression of the shadow energy.


Access joy and connection

Witness how strangers can turn into confidants and allies as you connect to a community of people on a journey of embracing the power of conscious.

Eros Work helps you support other people in your life


Think about the people in your life; your friends, your partners, your children and your future friends, lovers and life partners. They all have their own gifts they are wanting to share, and they all have struggles that are holding them back. Expanding your knowledge, acceptance and appreciation of your own sexuality will allow you to support others in their journeys.

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