Who is the Eros Work Program for?

Almost all of us struggle to fully and joyfully embrace who we are as sexual beings. Eros Work is for anyone who has felt one or more the following things:

“I’m just not very sexual. I’ve never gotten what I truly want and the struggle just doesn’t seem worth it.”

What if you found a way to

reawaken your spark?

What if you felt valued,

respected and appreciated?

Or… “I love my partner, but no matter what I do, it never seems to be good enough?”

Or… “I love sex! I just can’t find anyone

who wants to try all the amazing things

I’m curious about?”

What would it be like to be seen and met as the beautiful, curious, loving, nurturing, erotic being that you are?

What if you were confident in your ability to navigate conflict gracefully and bring out the best in yourself and others?

Or… “I’m so tired of all the BS out there. I’d rather be alone than put up with all the problems relationships cause.”

Or… “I have a really hard time trusting anyone. It just isn’t worth the risk.”

What if you got really clear about the difference between healthy caution and being unnecessarily closed off

to possibilities?

Or… “I‘m lonely. I want someone special in my life, but no one seems to want someone like me?”

What if you could learn

how to search in a new way?

Or… “I feel like there is no place for me in this world. My sexulity is ignored… Or objectfied… Or villianized…

Do you want to help create a new world that understands and embraces all the unique expressions of human sexuality?

Or… “I want to find someone,

but I’m just too shy, too scared

to make the first move.”

What if you felt confident and empowered as a sexual being?

Or… “If you really knew who I am, you wouldn't love me.”

What if you could find self-acceptance within a supportive group of people?