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Eros Work  Sexuality Transformation Journey

The Sexuality Transformation Journey is a nine month advanced program that continues what was started in the discovery course and takes it to deeper levels. It is a chance to spend a significant amount of time really getting to know a small, intimate group of people. You will have a chance to support each other  as each individual grows toward greater and greater comfort with themselves as sexual beings. Each group will continue to be lead by at least one male and one female Shadow Work® trained facilitator who will share their own stories, as well as wisdom and insights they have gained along the way.  


You will also get a chance to experience three one-on-one Shadow Work® coaching sessions and participate in the  4-day Advanced Sexual Shadow Transformation workshop in Boulder, CO that is only open to program participants.


The Journey has three parts:

Frame shift #1: 4 Sexual Brains - See the beauty and value in sexual differences

You’ll learn the detailed framework of the 4 sexual brains and identify which is your default position. Then you’ll be given strategies for bridging the gap between you and a loved one (or potential loved one) when you are approaching a moment from two separate brains. 

Frame shift #2: Parallelism - Every relationship dynamic has a parallel dynamic that is opposite and equal in impact

The law of E-motion shows us that for every dynamic in a relationship, there is an equal and opposite dynamic. This model will help you to shift from victim (or perpetrator) into empowered co-creator.

Frame shift #3: 4 Cornerstones of Eroticism (based on Jack Morin's book The Erotic Mind - Learning to transform sexual struggles into sizzling hot moments

Using the model of the 4 cornerstones of eroticism (as developed by Jack Morin) you will see how some of your biggest challenges share roots with your strongest turn-ons. Next we'll teach you the preliminary steps to learning to transform fears into sizzling hot moments.

Frame shift #4: Transforming Shame into Power

Considering that the sexual organs were used as spiritual symbols in many eastern traditions, why are they referenced today primarily as profanities or insults? See what your relationship to erotic words reveals about the messages and conditioning that you’ve internalized. Often this can point to hidden shame pockets in our psyche. There is a wonderful source of psychological power available to us when we successfully reclaim erotic words!

Frame shift #5: Our Woundings as a Path to Grace


1) Continue the bi-monthly facilitated conversations about sexuality. The longer these conversations go, the richer and more nourishing they become.


2)  Experience three private Eros Work coaching sessions.


The coaching sessions are an opportunity to:

  • Get a three hours of personalized attention.

  • Share things that might be challenging to share in the larger group.

  • Take a deeper look at an issue that you are struggling with in life.

  • Discover the hidden roots of your internal conflict.

  • List what you are wanting in your life and what is getting in the way of what you want.

  • Identify some of your competing voices/energies/points of view.

  • Seperate those energies and talk to them individually, creating a much clearer picture of what the different parts of you want and the ways they are not respecting and supporting and/or actively undermining each other.

  • Experience an advanced Shadow Work® coaching process to shift your painful dynamic into something that makes you feel peaceful, powerful, and joyful.


These 3-hour private sessions are  a chance to dig deeply into your inner experience. They are held online over Zoom and can be scheduled at your convenience.


3) A rare opportunity to attend a 4-day Advanced Sexual Shadow Transformation workshop in Boulder, CO. October 4th -7th.


The Workshop is the culmination of the entire program. It is a chance to gather in person with the people you have been getting to know over the past six month. Together you will co-create a space to step beyond previous limitations and embrace your erotic authenticity.


The workshop is only open to program participants and limited to twenty attendees.

Over the course of the workshop we will:

  • Gather together and share who we are and what we hope to get out of the weekend.

  • Co-create a set of agreements that will help create a strong, safe, non-shaming environment for us to share.

  • Take time to share our personal stories, really unpack our stories as sexual beings.

  • Create a space to touch the sadness, fear, anger, shame, pleasure, connection, fulfillment, and joy we have felt around our sexuality.  

  • Debunk some of the prevailing myths about sexuality and share what we believe are some universal elements of human sexuality regardless of culture, age, orientation, and individual personality.

  • Do some experiential exercises that work with the archetypal energies within our sexuality.

  • We will spend one full day to engage in an honest and respectful dialogue about gender disparity. We will create a rare opportunity to speak and be heard, to listen and understand each other about our personal and cultural expectations and experiences. We will really dig into what it means to a man, woman, or non-binary person in this world.   



  • Each participant will have an opportunity to identify one of their peak sexual experiences -- a time, real or fantasized, when they felt especially aroused, engaged and fulfilled.

  • Those peak experiences will serve as a compass leading to the deeper parts of each person’s psyche where our sexual shadows hide our magnificence.

  • Once the stage is set, most of the participant will have an opportunity to do a full Shadow Work® process of their own choosing guided by the facilitators.

  • Each process is an opportunity to uncover the hidden dynamics underlying an issue you are currently struggling with.

  • Once we uncover the painful shadow dynamic at the heart of your struggle, you will have a chance transform it into something that brings you joy and opens a path to fully embracing your authentic sexuality.

  • Other participants play an active role in each process. You will be able to support and be supported by others all along the way.

  • While all of our struggles are different, there are often powerful similarities. Observing and participating in the processes of the other participants may offer insights into your own personal challenges and give you a new sense of compassion for yourself and others.  

  • Each process culminates in a deep shift in identity.  You will be left with a new, empowering understanding of who you are and what you are capable of.

  • Depending on time, at the end of the weekend we will do several exercises designed to help you integrate your experience and bring it forward into the rest of your life.

  • Perhaps best of all–most leave the weekend with a sweet sense of intimate connection, loving community, hope, and trust in yourself and others.

The benefits of the extended 9-month Journey are:

  • Immersive experience.

  • Gradual steady change over time.

  • Multiple one-on-one in-depth private transformation sessions.

  • Safety of online environment.

  • Opportunity to for a tight-knit group over an extended period of time.


Cost: $1,950 USD ($2400CAD)

Includes: 19 2-hour sessions over nine months, three 3-hour individual coaching sessions, and one 4-day seminar October 4th-7th in Boulder, CO.

Starting: Mid June. Time slots TBD.


Payment plans and financial assistance for those with financial hardship are available.

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