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Eros Work Programs

The Sexuality Integration Program has three parts. You can progress as far into the program as you want.
Step 1 - Introduction to Eros Work


Intro to Eros Work Free Webinar is a 90 min online conference that will introduce the concept of the Four Sexual Brains and give you a taste of what we are all about.

Step 2 - Eros Work 3-Day in person Events



Benefits of the Eros Work Programs:

The Eros Work Sexuality Integration Program will give you a chance to:

  • Join a frank, honest, and positive conversation about sexuality

  • Lift the veil of cultural shame around sexuality

  • Gain a new acceptance of the current state of your sexuality

  • Experience new ways of seeing your erotic self and the eroticism of others

  • Uncover your personal blocks to intimacy

  • Open to new aspects of your sexuality

  • Examine your peak sexual experiences as a doorway into your own psyche

  • Decode sexual fantasies

  • Understand the 4 cornerstones of eroticism

  • Explore the sexual archetypes and their role in healing

  • Co-create an honest and respectful dialogue about gender disparity

  • Illuminate the shadow side of masculinity and femininity

  • Access more joy, pleasure, and connection

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