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Eros Work  Sexuality Discovery Course

The Sexuality Discovery Course is a 5-week program that gathers together small groups of curious open-minded people that want to join an ongoing, structured conversation about their inner erotic lives. It is a chance to meet as equals, as brothers and sisters, and speak openly and intelligently about a subject that we rarely get a chance to discuss in a fulfilling way.  


Each online group is lead by a minimum of one male and one female Shadow Work® trained facilitator. Each member of the Eros Work staff has extensive experience creating and holding mixed-gender containers. It is their responsibility to keep the conversation focused, supportive, non-shaming, and authentic.


Much of the stress and awkwardness of discussing sexuality in a mixed gender group is eliminated by our “No Hook-Up Policy”. All group members agree to not pursue any kind of romantic/sexual relationship with each other during the duration of the course.


Choose ONE of these options that works best for you

Programs meet ONCE PER WEEK for 5 WEEKS.

Monday Option:

MONDAY AFTERNOONS from 3:00pm - 4:30pm EST (1:00pm-2:30pm MST)

Beginning Sept. 17th

Tuesday Option: 

TUESDAY EVENINGS from 8pm - 9:30pm EST (6pm - 7:30pm MST)

Beginning Oct. 2nd, 2018

The benefits of the intensive 5-week course are:

  • 5 weekly online facilitated discussions about our sexuality.

  • Get to know a small group of like minded people who are willing to have open, authentic, and respectful conversations about the joyful and painful ways sexuality has shown up in our lives.

  • Lead by an experienced co-ed facilitation team.

  • You will gain new insights into our sexual thoughts, feelings, and experiences allowing you to view your sexuality in deeper, more empowered, and compassionate ways.

  • Small, gender balanced groups of 10 people or less

  • Offered multiple time slots to fit your schedule

  • Low cost

  • Short term

  • Safety of online environment and No Hook-Up Policy

  • Receive tangible teachings to help enhance your sexual experiences & bring healing to wounds

  • Receive Home Play invitations to bring more juiciness into your sexual relationships.


Course Content:

Each day of the program, you will learn a new FRAME SHIFT that will help to transform limiting beliefs and shadows around sexuality into powerful tools for growth and awareness.

Frame shift #1: 4 Sexual Brains - See the beauty and value in sexual differences

You’ll learn the detailed framework of the 4 sexual brains and identify which is your default position. Then you’ll be given strategies for bridging the gap between you and a loved one (or potential loved one) when you are approaching a moment from two separate brains. 

Frame shift #2: Parallelism - Every relationship dynamic has a parallel dynamic that is opposite and equal in impact

The law of E-motion shows us that for every dynamic in a relationship, there is an equal and opposite dynamic. This model will help you to shift from victim (or perpetrator) into empowered co-creator.

Frame shift #3: 4 Cornerstones of Eroticism (based on Jack Morin's book The Erotic Mind - Learning to transform sexual struggles into sizzling hot moments

Using the model of the 4 cornerstones of eroticism (as developed by Jack Morin) you will see how some of your biggest challenges share roots with your strongest turn-ons. Next we'll teach you the preliminary steps to learning to transform fears into sizzling hot moments.
violating prohibitions/desire & longing/power/idealization of betrayal

Frame shift #4: Transforming Shame into Power

Considering that the sexual organs were used as spiritual symbols in many eastern traditions, why are they referenced today primarily as profanities or insults? See what your relationship to erotic words reveals about the messages and conditioning that you’ve internalized. Often this can point to hidden shame pockets in our psyche. There is a wonderful source of psychological power available to us when we successfully reclaim erotic words!

Frame shift #5: Our Woundings as a Path to Grace
The infliction of a sexual wound initiates a chain reaction that will eventually lead us to the grandest version of ourselves.

This powerful frameshift will give you a new perspective on your core wounds and help you to see how they were part of a pattern of growth and greatness that could not have been possible otherwise.

Info for couples:


We ask partners in relationship to attend different groups. We found that was an immense help in creating the safety in our group.  And although we were frightened at first to speak about ourselves without our spouses present, we found that the process really helped us strengthen our relationships.  Every group participant promises not to create a sexual relationship with anyone in their group.  

Cost: $250 USD ($310CAD)

Includes: 5  90 min sessions over 5 weeks, tangible teachings, Home Play

Starting: September. See above

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