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Taking a Sip of Courage

For some of you, you may be thinking that I'm talking about a shot of bourbon. As much as I believe that this too serves its purpose, the courage I'm referring to here is the kind that comes from deep down in your belly. The kind of courage required to handle life's valleys, the really deep dark ones.

I have the pleasure of knowing so many beautiful souls in my life and as a result, engaging in many meaningful heart-to-heart conversations - if you haven't guessed it yet I do so love to get really real with people. And what I'm hyper aware of at this time is that real conflicts and real shadows are migrating to the surface of the lives of most of the people I know.

Maybe this is what the Mayans were referring to when they said that the end of the world as we know it would arrive in 2013. I believe that there is such wisdom here. The end of our own inner world as we've been experiencing it, is indeed upon us. Dealing with our problems and our destructive habits and our old patterns in the same way we always have, is NO LONGER WORKING. You may have been experiencing deep anger for countless years and up until now, if you focused hard enough, or drank wine often enough, or left your most current relationship, the anger would disappear for a time. And now, in today's rapidly moving evolutionary state, even that’s not working....


For some of you, the thought of unleashing the fury of Pandora onto the world may seem so fearful, or imagining tearing down the dam that has kept your grief at bay for so many years, may seem like a terrifying venture. "What if the tears or the rage never stop?" you may be asking yourself. This is a very real concern - one that I don't take lightly in the shadow work and women's mystery school programs I facilitate. At some point, the energy and effort required to push it all back into Pandora's box will cause far more pain and disharmony than actually facing what's there. So are you willing to face it?

I believe that this is the New Earth we are in now, the one that has been prophesized for millennia. The time is NOW to face what you've never been able to face before. And what's amazing about this New Earth, is that we have access to all the help we could ever need if we are sincere in our search. There is more info available and easily accessible now than ever before. There's an influx of complimentary holistic healers and remedies and practitioners around and there are books out there on virtually any topic we are seeking info about. We are living in an information-rich era and for the majority of us here in the western world, we have easy access to the resources we need. I acknowledge that yes, there are far too many people on this planet who cannot access the resources they need to face what's stirring within. My hope is that this too will shift as this New Earth comes into full manifestation.

What I desire for you who are reading this, is that you find the courage that resides deep within you to do what you've feared doing. Take one step that you've been afraid to take, even if it's a small one. Every step you take towards walking through the fire of your fears will build your inner resolve and the knowing that you do, in fact, have enough courage within you to face whatever you need to face.

So take your sip of courage...and walk on...

With Love, Nathalie

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