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Igniting Passion, Pillow Talk & Public Discourse

Unlock Your Erotic Potential: 5-Part Training Series
& Eros Community

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Take the 4 Sexual Brains online quiz to further your understanding.

Identify which of the four brains you are more and less comfortable with.

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Understand The Four Sexual Brains: Learn about the different parts of us that have unique desires and priorities around sexuality:

  • The Protective Brain: Tracks safety and compatibility.

  • The Connecting Brain: Seeks belonging, comfort, and validation.

  • The Idealistic Brain: Strives for the best for ourselves and others.

  • The Primal Brain: Represents the uninhibited, lusty, instinctual part of ourselves.

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Access Our Exclusive Webinar Recording: Dive into a 90-minute interactive conversation that explores the depths of human sexuality.


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Program Preview: Get a taste of what Eros Work has to offer.

Meet the Facilitators: Connect with the experts and see if their approach resonates with you.

Engage in Open Dialogue: Experience what being part of a frank and respectful conversation about sexuality feels like.

Community Insight: Get a feel for the kind of people who are also interested in this program.

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