This page will give you the recordings for each evening of the Sexuality Discovery Course as well as the Home Play assignments and relevant resources. 


Resources: The Erotic Mind by Jack Morin

Home Play: Take the 4 Sexual Brains quiz with your MOST APPROPRIATE ANSWERS first and then a second time with your LEAST APPROPRIATE ANSWERS. This will give you your Most Dominant Sexual Brain and Least Dominant Sexual Brain. Write these down and bring that info with you to our next call!

Quiz is here: 4 SEXUAL BRAIN QUIZ

Also watch the videos that describe the 4 Sexual Brains located right below the quiz.

Contemplate question: How do you normally show up sexually?



Sexuality Discovery Course



Resources: Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel

Download the pdf about the 4 Sexual Brains by clicking on the link below

Home Play: 

  • Explore either with yourself or with a partner an activity that comes from your LOWEST BRAIN or explore the PATHWAY to get from your highest to lowest - exploration of OTHER 2 PATHWAYS. It's much easier to get to your lowest brain by exploring the other 2 brains first. 

  • What has it been like for you to have this as your dominant brain? What kind of struggles have you experienced? 

  • Contemplate a current or past relationship where you approached sexuality and eroticism very differently than your partner. What is/was your partner's dominant sexual brain? What activities could you explore that are located in one of the other 2 brains (not in your nor your partner's dominant brains)? Consider creating some other activities that aren't on the list that may be a bridge for you in your relationship, or may be an activity you could explore on your own that is new.

  • Contemplate what turns you on. Are there activities, other than sex, that give you the same sensations as being turned on, such as warmth, excitement, or a rush of energy? How are these turn ons related to your least dominant brain?

  • What is a growing edge for you with this new awareness? What can you explore alone or with a partner/potential partner that you've never explored before, or that scares you? Explore taking a risk.


  • Contemplate the question: When/how do you feel like a victim in your current or past relationships?

  • Read this Article about Parallelism by CLICKING HERE

BONUS Free Online Program:

  • Nathalie Jackson has created a Sacred Sexuality online program for women. It's available to you here as part of the Eros Work program. Click on the button below to access the program


EVENING #3: Parallelisms

References: Anything by Esther Perel...Below is a podcast with her. 

Parallelism Recording from call - Unknown Artist
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Go ahead and copy & paste any of the files below and use them for your own purposes.

Home Play: 

  • Consider Law of E-motion. Where is the equal and opposite dynamic of giving/receiving hurts in your current relationship or a previous one? How have you participated in Toxic relationship behaviours?

  • Fill in the Balance of Hurts Worksheet. Feel free to share with a current partner or other relationship you're currently involved in if the other is open and willing.

  • Fill in the Sexuality Survey for our next call!!

  • Enjoy continued exploration of practices in your Least Dominant Brain. This is the fun part of the program! For more insights into these practices, reference the 4 Sexual Brains pdf above. There's an entire page full of ideas for your exploration & enjoyment.


Sexual Experience Survey

Click to Download

EVENING #4: 4 Cornerstones of Eroticism

Home Play:

1) Consider which one one is your dominant? And how you can tap into the power of the obstacles to make your erotic life juicier.


2) Write out/imagine/enjoy a new sexual fantasy in which you can overcome one of the four obstacles.

The video recording for this class was uploaded to Dropbox and shared with each participant.

Download pdf below of the presentation

EVENING #5: Transforming Shame to Power


Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships   by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha

A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the Internet Tells Us About Sexual Relationships   by Ogi Ogas  and Sai Gaddam

Home Play: 

  • Look for current cultural messages that are impacting your every day experience. Notice in what ways our culture is sending messages to you about your body and your sexuality.

  • Create a small ritual for yourself to undo the effects of cultural / ancestral programming. Some examples:

    • Imagine plucking or removing cultural programming by removing a layer of clothing for each belief or by writing the beliefs down on masking tape, taping them to your body, and removing them symbolically

    • Outline or trace your body on a large piece of paper or with tape on a mirror. Add affirming messages/images to declare your new relationship to your body. What do you love about your body? How has it served you in the realm of sexuality? What kind of pleasure has it brought you? What are you grateful for with your body?

    • Write new messages of loving-kindness on your body

    • Bring shame out into the light by having a meaningful, loving conversation with another and talking about all the shame you've carried.

Handout on Transforming Shaming Messages to Power

EVENING #6: Wounding as a Path to Grace


Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski 

Home Play: 

  • Find a way to thank your wounds/suffering/most painful things you’ve been through, and ask yourself what the gift was in each. If you don’t yet have an answer, are you at least willing to ask yourself the question and see what surfaces as the healing process continues?

  • The website resources will be available for the next 3 months. Feel free to download any of the information you want from this page.

We want to thank-you profoundly for your courage in taking this step with us. It's been a real honour...

With love,

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