ErosWork Reclaim your Sexual Power & Erotic Innocence

Perth, Australia 

November 20th-22nd, 2020

Friday Nov 20th  9am - 6pm

Saturday Nov 21st  9am - 6pm

Sunday Nov 22nd  9am - 6pm

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Facilitated by:

Nathalie Jackson & Giles Carwyn

Rate - $750 CAD

Couples Rate - $1300 CAD

As human beings, sexuality is fundamental to who we are. It is intimately tied to our sense of self and our place in the world. But cultural expectations are nowhere close to matching the internal reality of most people.

Our culture tends to frame our sexuality in a very negative light. For centuries, our culture has simultaneously controlled, entitled, shamed, objectified, misrepresented, obligated and condemned us as sexual beings. We have been painted as exploitable, dangerous, creepy, frigid, wanton, unsafe, selfish, inadequate, unavailable, and perverse. This disconnect between cultural expectations and personal feelings has left many living with a deep sense of fear, anger, shame and rejection around their sexuality.

Many of these feelings are endured in silence because social taboos pushed personal sexuality into the shadows leaving many starving for a place where they can talk freely about the painful and joyful ways their sexuality and has shown up in their lives.

This seminar will be a rare opportunity for like-minded people to gather to have a frank and honest look at gender, power dynamics, and sexuality on personal, interpersonal and cultural levels.

All are welcome.

It is an opportunity to:

  • Share your deepest truths without shame or blame

  • Debunk pervasive myths about human sexuality

  • Heal the cultural rift between the masculine and feminine

  • Transform painful, self-limiting beliefs

  • Overcome internal resistance

  • Access joy and connection

Over the course of the workshop we will:

  • Gather together and share who we are and what we hope to get out of the weekend.

  • Co-create a set of agreements that will help create a strong, safe, non-shaming environment for us to share.

  • Take time to share our personal stories – and really unpack the narrative we have created about ourselves as sexual beings.

  • Create a space to touch the sadness, fear, anger, shame, pleasure, connection, fulfillment, and joy we have felt around our sexuality.

  • Debunk some of the prevailing myths about sexuality and share what we believe are some universal elements of human sexuality regardless of culture, age, orientation, and individual personality.

  • Do some experiential exercises that work with the archetypal energies within our sexuality.

  • We will spend one full day to engage in an honest and respectful dialogue about gender disparity. We will create a rare opportunity to speak and be heard, to listen and understand each other about our personal and cultural expectations and experiences. We will really dig into what it means to a man, woman, or non-binary person in this world.

  • Each participant will have an opportunity to identify one of their peak sexual experiences — a time, real or fantasized, when they felt especially aroused, engaged and fulfilled.

  • Those peak experiences will serve as a compass leading to the deeper parts of each person’s psyche where our sexual shadows hide our magnificence.

  • Once the stage is set, the participants will be guided in learning a process that will continue to serve as a powerful self-healing tool, while addressing a current desire to change something in their life.

  • Each process is an opportunity to uncover the hidden dynamics underlying an issue you are currently struggling with.

  • Once we uncover the painful shadow dynamic at the heart of your struggle, you will have a chance transform it into something that brings you joy and opens a path to fully embracing your authentic sexuality.

  • Other participants play an active role in each process. You will be able to support and be supported by others all along the way.

  • While all of our struggles are different, there are often powerful similarities. Observing and participating in the processes of the other participants may offer insights into your own personal challenges and give you a new sense of compassion for yourself and others.

  • Each process culminates in a deep shift in identity.  You will be left with a new, empowering understanding of who you are and what you are capable of.

  • Depending on time, at the end of the weekend we will do several exercises designed to help you integrate your experience and bring it forward into the rest of your life.

  • Perhaps best of all–most leave the weekend with a sweet sense of intimate connection, loving community, hope, and trust in yourself and others.


ErosWork Reclaim your Sexual Power & Erotic Innocence

Melbourne, Australia 

November 13th-15th, 2020

Friday Nov 13th  9am - 6pm

Saturday Nov 14th  9am - 6pm

Sunday Nov 15th  9am - 6pm


Facilitated by:

Nathalie Jackson & Giles Carwyn

Rate - $750 CAD

Couples Rate - $1300 CAD